Assorted Amigurumi Patterns

Here are patterns for assorted amigurumi.

Diddle, Deeding, Devil, Deliala, and Doodle
These little creatures are no more than little, bouncy heads. Like something you’d find a a horror movie, only less gorey and more mini-ified. They are fun to carry around (I keep one in my pocket at school) and use as little good luck charms. They could also serve as little sachets if you filled then with something perfume-y.

They are very simple to make.
Yarn: Worsted weight, or any weight you want. It takes a very small amount, plus yarn or so in a contrast color for facial features. This is a good project for using up stash.
Crochet Hook: D, or several sizes smaller than what would normall by used for crocheting.
Notions: Stuffind of choice, yarn needle. Optional: something scented, like dried lavender to make a sachet.
Finished size: Varies. Original pattern (done in worsted weight, about 5 stitches to the inch)was about one inch tall.

Row 1: Ch 2. Skip the 1st chain and single crochet into 2nd chain 6 times. 6 stitches. (Piece is worked in the round from here on out) 6 stitches total.
Row 2: SC to end
Row 3: SC twice in each stitch to end. 12 stitches total.
Rows 4-8: SC to end
Row 9: SC2tog to end. 6 stitches total.
Row 10: SC to end. Fill piece with stuffing here.
Row 11: SC3tog twice. Fasten off and cut yarn, leaving enough length to sew up the top.
Enbrioder face on. Weave in ends. Tada!


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    February 18, 2007 at 4:14 pm

    Where’d Pamina go????

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