I’ve joined the group of Lace Leaf Pullover knitters. (Like her, her, her, and all of them) Only, I’m using The Bronach Technique. Said Techique involves the following paistaking steps to insure a fabulous finished product:
1. Buy as much yarn as your spirit tells you too. Ignore the pattern. I bought othree balls of Woolease Thick and Quick because it was cheap and I have to save up my money for ******************(deleted so as not to, you know, ruin anything) and it’s machine washable. I’m going to be wearing this at school, so machine washableness is convienent for the inevitable marker/blood/chicken noodle soup stains. (Social Studies, gym class, and lunch period, respectively)
2. Cast on exactly the number of stitches the pattern says should produce 4 inches. Knit one row, and measure. Streach slightly if it’s too small. My gauge always grows. If it’s too big, measure the number of stitches to the inch and remember it.
3. Cast on an appropriate amount. As it happened, my stitch gauge was correct for the sweater with a bit of streaching, so I cast on a number of stitches appropriate to create a skintight sweater. I have waaay to many loose clothes, and it’s sort of scarring.
4. This is the step that truelly defines the Bronach Technique. Look at the picture in the pattern. Skim over the pattern. Now put the book on the shelf. Ready? Start knitting. Don’t look back. Your version will be better and more “you.” Right?
5. (This comes a good while after step 4) Despair. In rare cases, this step may be optional.
I’m at step 4 and loving it!

In other news:
Green Lace Blob is steadily progressing. Lily, who has chosen to knit a shawl as well, made up her own, rather complex lace pattern andmay be clinically insane is having lots of fun with it!



  1. Caitlyn said,

    October 10, 2009 at 3:08 am

    Cool. I love the color.

    That’s the waistband? Wow you’re thin. (That’s supposed to be a compliment.) 🙂

  2. kate said,

    November 7, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    pretty color

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