Well fancy that

I’m happy with my shawl. Very happy. Today, the following shawl related-things happened:

– Overheard in math class:
Other Student: Hey, that’s awesome. What is it?
Me: A shawl. I honestly have no idea why I’m making it since I’ll never wear it, but whatever.
Other Student: I’ll take it! No seriously, I love thc color green. That is so cool. I would seriously take that.
Me: (Note that at this point, I restrain myself from wrapping my body protectively around the shawl and saying things like “NOOOO!” or “Mine mine all mine yes allllllll mine…”) *nervous laughter* I’m glad you like it… *turns to work really fast*
-Several people complimented me on the thing without asking for it. But that’s just obligatory whenever you see someone doing a craft, so it doesn’t really count.
-I noticed that my lifelines kept coming out of the shawl, so I learned from my mistake and made the lifeline longer and tied a large bead to each end so there was no way it could slide out. The long ends of the lifeline got tangled with the yarn, and while this made my yarn very nice and minty-fresh, I had to cut both the yarn and the dental floss. Hey, guess what? It slipped out. Maybe I didn’t learn from my mistake so much…


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