Who needs good titles, anyway?

Okay. I promise on the skein of Lush (ya know, fifty percent wool/fifty percent angora) I just got (!!!!!!!) that I’ll update more often now. Say, at least once every two or three days. Righto. So, I ripped out the sweater vest, bought some more of that yarn, and made The Ugliest Sweater Evah! It’s soft and warm though. No pictures yet. Soon, my friends, soon. Also, I finished my stupid free form knitting thingy. What stupid free form thingy, you ask? Ah. You shall soon see. I gave the collar of my poncho an extreme makeover, and now it’s Very Big. And just in time for Socktoberfest, I finished a pair of socks! You’ve never seen ’em before. And I started a new pair, for my sister, who shall hereafter be called Possum on this blog. So. I’ll have pictures in maybe five hours. Bye now.


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