I’m too lazy to think of a title right now

Let’s see. What’s first? Let’s start with something mildly freaky. Like this:


You may scratch your head at this. It’s just yarn, you may think. What’s wrong with that?

Well. There are plenty of things wrong with it. Namely:

-The color. It’s a dirty pinky-browny-gray. It’s just the right shade to be unsuitable for lace (too dingy), cables and knit and purl patterns (doesn’t show them very well), andcolorwork (it doesn’t go with anything.)

-The fiber content pared with the weight. It’s wool, and fingering weight. So, it would work for socks, except you would have to hand wash them. A pain,obvoiusly. It would be good for felting, except that:

1. Color issues (as I have already griped about above), and
2. Who on earth will knit something oversized with sock-weight yarn and then shrink it?

Anyway. I started 2 lace socks with it and ripped each one out. (No pictures were taken before their execution) Fortunately, it’s not a big loss. The yarn cost two bucks a skein at a rather messy thrift store.


lil dude

is the Lil’ Dude. I made him for my little sister.Technically, it’s a fox-like fun fur animal. I got the pattern from the Lion Website. {here} It does have ears on that furry head somewhere. Trust me.


Progress on sock continues…


And here is a pillow I made a long time ago. I made up the pattern for this funky yarn a friend gave me. It has a denim background, and it’s puckered and strange looking do to the fact that there wasn’t quite enough fabric for the backign but I decided to use it anyway and that I can’t sew anyway.

This is Kate, a uber-cute kitty. (pattern from knitty.com) She’s still in progress. Initially supposed to be a Christmas present for my sister, but then she invaded my room and saw the pattern. Now she’s begging me to finish it, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it from her until then. 😦

Headless Kate

Here’s a lovely blast from the past:


It’s a huge, orange, ugly garter stitch scarf I made a year or so ago. It’s full of mistakes, but I’m glad I have it, because I don’t have the stamina to make another huge winter scarf. I unearthed it a few days ago.


This is a ball of yarn I’m going to make a skullcap with. It’s going to be a prop for The Tempest. Olive (the cute rat) is just in the picture for fun.

Aaaaannnnnnnddddd I have to go. Unfortunately. I’m almost done with something very big, and I’ll just leave you to anticipate that…



  1. August 6, 2006 at 5:31 pm

    I laughed aloud at the image of Ann Bonney at the faaaaar end of your Creamsicle scarf!

    Can’t wait to see you unveil your big project.

    and … when are you going to knit them ratties some wee shrugs??

    xoxox Mom

  2. firefly8868 said,

    August 7, 2006 at 2:44 pm

    That is a rather ugly ball of yarn … your problems with it are justified. It sucks when you get yarn home only to find out the color stinks or it isn’t fun for some other reason (feel yukkie t knit with, doesn’t show stitches well, makes you want to puke for some unknown reason, etc.).

    The little dude you made your sister is too cute! Thanks for the link.

    Best wishes to you in your projects!


  3. evj said,

    October 26, 2006 at 3:41 pm

    Sometimes a badly colored yarn can come to life when paired with another color. Conversely, two beautifully colored yarns can become completely horrendous when paired together.

    This yarn sorely needs a mate to bring out its beauty (maybe a purple).

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