It’s been a long time

But I’m back! Finally! Alrighty. Dishcloth?<- See that? That is a genuine cotton “dishcloth.” It would be a dishcloth (No quotes, it make all the difference!), but as it has never been used to clean anything, dish or otherwise. Now it lives here:

(Note: These are clickable thumbnails. That’s why they’re so darn small.) I kind of made up the pattern. I modified a chart from Holiday Knitting for the motif. The yarn is two colors (one varigated) of Sugar ‘n Cream cotton. It’s cotton, it’s cheap, it’s (relitively) pretty! Yay!
Yup. I like the tassel, personally. It’s very pirate-y. But that’s just me.


The First Pair. Ever.

Socks! By me! A generous fellow knitter put together a sock knitting kit for me on my birthday. She gave me the pretty greyish heathered yarn, and I supplemented the socks with a bit of rainbowy sock yarn I had left over from another, ill-fated project. Anyway, I know they don’t match. That was on purpose. I finished them during a performance of Oliver, and grafted the toe in the dark. Not easy, I can tell you that. But they turned out okay. Right?

My second pair of socks was with an amusing self-patterning yarn.

Blue Lagoon Socks

I had my first pangs of Second Sock Syndrome as finished the first sock and looked longingly at this sunset colored yarn I found in the back of an Asain grocery store in Canada. (That was a really lucky find.)

I have cast on with the sunset yarn and worked about three rounds.
Sunsety yarn

I am a circular needle devotee, and have never touched the DPNs while making socks in my life. Maybe someday I will… I really doubt it though.

Finally, I made some votive holders. One is shown here. It's a votive holder.The rest have been hauled off to Circa Arts, along with numerous hats, to be judged. If I am worthy, they will sell my stuff there! How cool is that?



  1. Cathy said,

    July 29, 2006 at 5:18 pm

    Um, I can’t click ’em…

  2. Cathy said,

    July 29, 2006 at 9:16 pm

    And those grey socks are niiiice, btw, for all besides Bjorn.

    I lurve hand knitted socks now, and am yearning for A) a sock pattern that DOESN’T have a blatant typo in the gauge (I think that it says that it’s 8 st=4 in, which doesn’t sound like a sock to me…) and B) some actual sock yarn. I still think that if you carried Peach Fuzz with it, you’d have the best socks in the world.

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